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Services - Corporate Tax Advice

South Africa has many different taxes, i.e. income tax, value-added tax, secondary tax on companies, dividend tax, capital gains tax, mineral and petroleum resources royalty, skills development levy, donations tax,, etc. Income tax is generally collected by way of employees' tax and provisional tax.

There is obviously not a typical advice, as each would depend on the specific facts and circumstances of a transaction or an occurrence.

Typical queries:

  • Is an amount subject to income tax?
  • Is a receipt capital or revenue in nature?
  • Is an expense deductible?
  • When should an amount of tax be paid?
  • Is a receipt subject to capital gains tax?
  • Is a transaction subject to VAT?
  • Which VAT rate, 0% or 14%, should be levied?
  • Is there ways to structure a transaction to minimize tax?